HBCU Movement Joins ABA

by HBCU Media

The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the HBCU Movement has joined the ABA and will begin playing in November. “This is a very special team that has been put together by New Era Sports Management, a Houston-based athlete branding and marketing company, featuring sports agents, entrepreneurs and small businesses,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman. “The mission statement for HBCU is to teach, develop and expose HBCU basketball players to the NBA, G-League, international scouts, and other pro leagues while providing the local community an exciting brand of basketball and entertainment.”

The purpose of the team is to bring awareness to HBCU colleges in the US where players from these schools do not have an opportunity for exposure.

“We would like to thank the ABA for accepting our organization into the league,” added Thomas Williams Jr, General Manager for the Movement. “This is an historic moment as we become the first professional basketball team in the world to feature all Historically Black College & University players. The HBCU conferences are known to produce a lot of high caliber players but are not often recognized by the major professional leagues. Our goal is to give these athletes an opportunity for exposure through the ABA and international tours during the ABA off season. We are looking forward to the challenge of competing for championships, impacting the community and helping our athletes get the recognition they deserve and jumpstarting their pro careers. We will also be showing our games on the HBCU Go TV Network (www.hbcugo.tv) which reaches over 70 million homes on Roku and other digital platforms.”

For more information, visit www.thehbcumovement.com, email info@thehbcumovement.com