Movement Announces Home Opener Basketball Game against New Orleans Rush

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HBCU Movement Announces Home Opener Basketball Game against New Orleans Rush

[New Orleans, 8/3/2023] - The HBCU Movement is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated Home Opener Basketball Game against the New Orleans Rush on November 4th, 2023, at Dilliard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. This historic event marks the first regular season game for the HBCU Movement, the first-ever professional basketball team featuring exclusively HBCU athletes.

The Home Opener: Celebrating HBCU Pride and Talent

The Home Opener Basketball Game promises to be a momentous occasion for sports enthusiasts, basketball fans, and HBCU supporters alike. As the first professional team exclusively composed of HBCU athletes, the HBCU Movement seeks to celebrate the legacy, talent, and contributions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the world of basketball.

Embracing HBCU Spirit and Community Unity

The Home Opener aims to be more than just a basketball game; it will be a celebration of HBCU spirit and community unity. Fans can expect an electrifying atmosphere, engaging halftime shows, and opportunities to connect with fellow HBCU alumni, students, and supporters. The event embodies the mission of the HBCU Movement - to empower athletes and uplift communities through sports.

The Venue: Dilliard University

Dilliard University, a renowned HBCU located in the heart of New Orleans, serves as the perfect backdrop for this landmark occasion. With its rich history and commitment to academic excellence and community engagement, Dilliard University embodies the values and mission of the HBCU Movement.

About the HBCU Movement

The HBCU Movement is a trailblazing professional basketball team dedicated to showcasing the exceptional talent within Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We are committed to providing HBCU athletes with a platform to pursue their dreams while inspiring the next generation of student-athletes. Through exciting games, community outreach, and impactful initiatives, the HBCU Movement seeks to make a lasting positive impact on individuals and communities.

Tickets and Information:

Tickets for the Home Opener Basketball Game are available for purchase starting [9/1/2023] through the HBCU Movement website. For more information about the game, tickets, and additional HBCU Movement events, please visit the official website at

Supporting HBCU Excellence:

The HBCU Movement is grateful for the support of its fans, sponsors, and partners in celebrating the legacy of HBCUs and promoting excellence in sports and education. We look forward to a memorable Home Opener and an inspiring season of HBCU basketball.

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